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Fire protection Cologne from the expert Fritz Manke

In order to provide you with the appropriate and correct fire protection in Cologne, we at the Fritz Manke GmbH proven specialists who are responsible for creating your fire protection concepts. You can rely on them to provide you with effective fire protection in Cologne that complies with all statutory regulations and standards.

Relevant factors include:

  • Model Building Code
  • State Building Code
  • Technical connection condition of the fire brigades
  • DIN-EN standards


Fritz Manke GmbH is a recognised installer company for fire alarm systems and smoke and heat extraction systems.

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Fire protection Cologne has specialists for every fire protection topic. All employees are continuously trained and offer appropriate training for your employees:

  • Fire protection Cologne
  • Fire safety helper


When it comes to fire protection in Cologne, we specifically pursue a holistic approach and have extensive expertise in many relevant trades. It should be noted that regular maintenance is necessary at set intervals. Depending on the trade, this must be carried out quarterly, annually or every two years.

Fire protection Cologne: We are available around the clock

We offer an excellent service for all aspects of system fire protection as well as structural fire protection and are available to you daily as a contact partner for holistic fire protection with a 24-hour emergency service. This means you can always reach us, even at night, at weekends and on public holidays. In this way, we ensure that we will be a comprehensive and reliable partner for you in fire protection in Cologne.

Our customers include companies, private households and also institutions such as kindergartens, schools and authorities. Our offer also includes fire protection Cologne for mobile homes, trucks, buses and containers.

Lightning protection Cologne with a holistic approach

In addition to fire protection Cologne, we are also the number 1 contact when it comes to lightning protection in Cologne. Here, we can ensure the safety of your building or properties through internal and external lightning protection.

Lightning protection in Cologne is necessary to protect buildings and people in accordance with building regulations. However, our customers' own sense of security also plays a major role in lightning protection in Cologne.

Legal requirements that must be observed for lightning protection in Cologne:

  • DIN EN 62305
  • Model Building Code
  • State Building Code
  • Model Sales Premises Ordinance
  • Model Ordinance on Places of Assembly
  • Model high-rise building guideline
  • Sample School Building Code
  • Model Hospital Ordinance

We can help you with lightning protection in Cologne by taking a holistic approach, namely by assessing the lightning hazard through a detailed lightning protection analysis, risk analysis and assessment of the potential hazard situation. When it comes to protection against lightning or fire, you are always at the right address with us, because we are certified according to the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and are also a recognised installer company for fire alarm, smoke and heat extraction systems.

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Safety through competence!

Whether commercial or private - security is the top priority when it comes to a property. As an owner, you are confronted with many questions. After all, nothing should be left out of consideration when it comes to this sensitive topic.

Burglar alarm systems

Video technology


Security technology Cologne - we are always there for you!

For more than 120 years, we have been successfully active in the fields of fire protection, advanced training and safety technology in Cologne and can name a large number of enthusiastic customers as references.

When it comes to the focus on security technology in Cologne, we rely on the use of state-of-the-art burglar alarm systems, the latest video surveillance and technology as well as the e-check, in which your existing devices are thoroughly checked. Video surveillance in particular is important because it has a preventive effect and helps in the investigation of crimes. We are also happy to repair old equipment or install new technology. Of course, we offer you matching maintenance packages so that the security technology in Cologne is always kept up to date.

All fire protection solutions in 360 °

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Safety engineering Cologne: We test all electronic equipment and devices

However, safety technology in Cologne is not only important for burglaries or thefts, but also serves as preventive protection against hazards or damage to electrical devices or equipment. Therefore, on the subject of safety technology in Cologne, we offer the E-Check, which regularly checks all electrical devices and creates protocols that release liability in the event of damage.

Can we help you too? Then we recommend that you contact us today Contact to us and let's talk about the different options. We look forward to hearing from you.

Frequently asked questions

Our practical training courses take place in our competence centre. Here you will receive comprehensive advice and information on how to behave correctly in the event of a fire. Our training offer includes fire protection helper training, evacuation and evacuation training as well as instruction in fire protection in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act. You can find more information in our training offer.

During this important training, they not only receive theoretical information, but also practice the practical use and handling of fire extinguishers. In addition, there is a very individual fire protection training, which is carried out with the help of a modern fire simulator. Other focal points include the use of fire blankets or wall hydrants. We will be happy to advise you personally about the fire protection training courses that are of interest to you.

We have over 120 years of experience and can implement all customer requirements quickly, reliably and flexibly. We can immediately prepare a quotation after a site inspection and advise you until the final decision of quotation acceptance. We are particularly competent not only in complete fire protection in companies, shops and private households, but also in the field of e-mobility. We also attach great importance to sustainability. We are also certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.