120 years of competence.

What began in 1902 as a drive belt factory has developed into a successful company with 35 employees. The principle of making deserving and qualified employees the managing directors and owners has prevailed since 1949.

Over the years, the company has established itself from a manufacturer of occupational safety and technical leather articles to one of the leading suppliers of fire protection and safety technology solutions. The innovative and successful pillar of the training academy was added as a 3rd pillar.

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Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 1
Fritz Manke founds the company as a drive belt factory.
The company also gains a reputation as a manufacturer of protective and technical leather goods.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 2
Irmgard Jockwer, Fritz Manke's daughter, takes over the company.
During this period, leather work protection items are produced, such as gloves, aprons and gaiters, as well as furniture straps and belts. The pram strap developed is particularly well known, an aid with which children could be securely lashed in the pram so that they could not fall out.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 3
Orders, business cards and work records of the company are still available today.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 4
Alfred Pfalz joins the company.
He restructures the company into an efficient technical wholesaler with the pillars of special lubricants (Voler) and fire protection.
The company takes over the general agency for portable fire extinguishers.
Alfred Pfalz takes over the company.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 5
The company Fritz Manke advises its customers on all questions of preventive and defensive fire protection, makes company inspections and carries out fire protection analyses. Maintenance, installations and repairs in the various fire protection trades have since been part of the portfolio.
   1965 - 1968
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 6
Karl-Heinz Küpper joins the company.
He is responsible for "everything" and eventually becomes sales manager.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 7
Expansion of the range of fire protection services to include the important topics of extinguishing water technology, signposting of escape and rescue routes, smoke and heat extraction systems and fire alarm systems.
   70s & 80s
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 8
New business premises in Fichtenstraße in Düsseldorf are occupied.
The company's focus at the time: occupational safety, workwear, hoses, drive technology, fire protection and Voler lubricants.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 9
Thomas Staggemeier joins the company.
In addition to the administrative area, he is intensively involved in the distribution of special lubricants worldwide. Over the years, a close and successful cooperation has developed with partners in Great Britain and China.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 10
Karl-Heinz Küpper and Thomas Staggemeier take over Fritz Manke as owners and change the company's name to a limited liability company.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 11
Expansion of the range of services by offering training on the topic of fire safety assistants, occupational safety and preventive fire protection.
Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 12
The topic of quality assurance will be further expanded:
  • Fritz Manke GmbH is a founding member of the "Gütegemeinschaft Instandhaltung Feuerlöschgeräte e.V. Giv" No. 109

  • ISO 9001 is being strived for.

  • Participation in the 1994 VTH quality management workshop on setting up a quality assurance system according to ISO 9001.
  • 90s
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 13
    Fritz Manke GmbH is allowed to use the GIF-RAL Quality Mark Maintenance Fire Extinguishers.
    Recognised installer company for smoke and fume extraction systems and fire alarm systems
       2002/ 2004
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 14
    Fritz Manke GmbH celebrates its 100th anniversary
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 15
    VDS recognition for fire alarm systems
       2010/ 2012
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 16
    Tanja Küpper-Schlotmann joins the company.
    From your qualification in adult education, the educational academy area emerges as a new pillar in the portfolio of Fritz Manke GmbH.
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 17
    Michaela Peiffer joins the company in October 2016.
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 18
    Tanja Küpper-Schlotmann and Jens Flatho took over Fritz Manke GmbH on 01.01.2017.
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 19
    Introduction of a new ERP system as a basis for future-proofing and digitally positioning the company in the process and organisational landscape over the next few years.

    Acquisition of a new company site in Hilden.
    Fritz Manke Firmengeschichte 20
    Relocation of the company headquarters to Hilden and opening of the Manke Competence Centre
    Fritz Manke GmbH celebrates its 120th anniversary.