Safety through competence!

Whether commercial or private - security is the top priority when it comes to a property. As an owner, you are confronted with many questions. After all, nothing should be left out of consideration when it comes to this sensitive topic.

Burglar alarm systems

Video technology


Holistic approach!

In addition to new installations and repairs, we are happy to offer you our maintenance package for your fire protection trades - on time, worry-free and safe.


Fritz Manke GmbH is a recognised installer company for fire alarm systems and smoke and heat extraction systems.

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All fire protection solutions in 360 °

Video technology

Video surveillance not only helps you in the actual event of an incident, but also as a preventive measure and to clarify criminal offences.

Potential perpetrators are deterred by video surveillance and crimes are thus prevented from the outset. In critical situations, the surveillance images from your cameras enable you to maintain an overview at all times and intervene or support the deployment of security forces.

After an incident, the video recordings can be used to quickly analyse the course of events and effectively clarify the situation.


From now on, we can offer you repeat testing for all portable electrical equipment and devices in your company.

To avoid damage, let us check your equipment using the latest technology. The protocols are created at the same time. The proof releases you from liability in the event of damage!

In principle, all electrically operated devices that are not permanently connected to the mains but are connected to a socket by means of a plug must be tested. The legislator has incorporated this regulation into the seventh Social Code (SGB VII) (§209 para. 1 no. 1 SGB VII). The tests are carried out on the basis of the accident prevention regulation VBG4 (new BGV A3 previously BGV-A2) of the professional associations.