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Fire protection, safety technology and training are the 3 most important business areas in our 120-year company history.

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"It was clear to me from an early age that I wanted to successfully continue the fortunes of Fritz Manke GmbH one day. My father worked his way up to managing director through diligence, success, loyalty and unconditional commitment. That has always fascinated and motivated me. In 2017, together with my business partner, I bought the company shares from the former management.

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"As a former operations manager in the technical field, I am continuing a tradition at Fritz Manke GmbH that has been around since 1949 - making deserving and qualified employees into managing directors and owners."

120 years of Fritz Manke GmbH

Learn more about our unique company history.
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Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Read here why our customers appreciate our inspiration and competence.

"Working with your team and especially your fitters was a real service experience."

Petra Peiler, Schwelm

"Fritz Manke is innovating in a slightly dusty industry and has committed employees who also want to break new ground."

Frank Sundermann, Hilden

"Personality. Quality. Innovation. - These are characteristics which, in our view, best describe Fritz Manke GmbH. "

Peter Piepenburg, Krefeld

"I therefore work together with the Fritz Manke-Bildungsakademie because we see our tasks as common challenges. We work extremely well together and come up with very good solutions for our company."

Jörg-Uwe Pfeiffer, Bremen

"Rated outstanding for: Quality, punctuality and value for money. Really recommendable! Now I feel safe again. Very friendly staff."

Karl-Heinz Schumacher, Düsseldorf

"The company Fritz Manke GmbH has been competently supporting us for years in the area of fire protection with advice and action and is an uncomplicated contact partner at all times."

Bettina-I. Gollmer-Angerhausen, Düsseldorf

"Always open and honest communication and with that you get the right information."

Koen Stegers, Holland


We are constantly looking for ways to protect the environment, produce less waste, reduce our CO2 emissions and use resources more efficiently.

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We are proud that the media also pay tribute to our work.

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