We take responsibility

As a medium-sized family business, we think in terms of several generations and always act with a long-term perspective.
Environmental and climate protection as well as the assumption of social responsibility have long been an integral part of our corporate strategy and influence the daily work of managers and employees alike.

Our goal is to design our internal processes in such a way that they best meet the requirements of the environment, resource efficiency, occupational safety and health protection while taking economic factors into account.

The environmentally friendly fire extinguishers.

The long-standing cooperation with our partner and supplier of fire extinguishers helps us to take big steps towards environmental protection.

Already since the beginning of the 21st century, our fire extinguisher catalogue has included products with patented lever fittings that enable optimal and efficient dosing of the extinguishing agent and reduce unnecessary environmental pollution.

As early as 2011, we expanded our portfolio with the first fire extinguisher with reduced fluorine content and, since 2016, with a 100 % fluorine- & solvent-free fire extinguisher whose extinguishing agent consists of almost 100 % natural raw materials.

In 2020, the innovative gel fire extinguishers developed for problem fires involving lithium-ion batteries were added to the product portfolio. Thanks to the use of a special gel technology in these extinguishers, the extinguishing agent adheres extremely well and reduces environmental damage caused by soil contamination.

All fire extinguishers we offer are 100 % REACH compliant, produced by a local German company that is considered one of the leading fire extinguisher manufacturers in Europe and certified to the ISO 14001:2015 environmental standard. All extinguishing agents used are sourced from reputable German or European suppliers, ensuring compliance with the high European standards in the field of environmental protection. Thanks to the distance of only 30 km to the production site, we can additionally reduce the CO2 footprint by limiting transport routes.

Almost paperless.

Fritz Manke GmbH recognised very early on that the future of the company lies in sustainable digitalisation. By recognising and implementing the concept of "New Work" early on, which describes the ongoing transformation of the workplace, we have succeeded in changing and optimising ways and forms of working.
By introducing state-of-the-art ERP and DMS systems, we were able to reduce almost all paper-based processes in the company and establish effective digital workflows.

The strong internal networking of the employees and the resulting simple, collaborative work ensures quick and efficient information for customer questions.

In addition, digital access ensures a high level of information for every employee and reduces unnecessary environmental costs, whether through paper consumption or unnecessary orders and the associated Co2 footprint.

Fritz Manke GmbH also relies on sustainable solutions in the field of electricity and e-mobility.

Already in 2019, we have covered 50 % of our electricity consumption with 100 % of renewable energy. From 2021, we will only purchase green electricity and have started to implement plans for self-generation with our own solar panels and electricity storage.

At the beginning of 2020, we installed the first charging station for e-cars on the premises of the company headquarters. The second charging station is now in operation and two more will be added in the near future. The charging stations are available to our employees and business partners and provide an important boost to environmental friendliness, as well as a support programme for employees who want to switch to e-cars or e-bikes.

But this is just the beginning: our entire vehicle fleet is on its way to becoming even more sustainable. Little by little, we are converting our entire company fleet to hybrid and e-cars.

Separation, sorting and collection of raw materials already at the point of origin.

For even more relief for the environment and conservation of resources, we developed a holistic, sustainable and resource-saving individual waste management concept in 2020 that is specifically tailored to the needs of our company.

Our goal was to promote the circular economy in order to conserve natural resources, as well as the sustainable handling of waste and its environmentally sound disposal.

Our operational waste management goes beyond the basics of the legal and technical requirements of the municipal waste statutes and the commercial waste ordinance and includes disposal processes in the form of waste collection, separation and disposal in a sustainable, employee-friendly, efficient, flexible and cost-optimised manner.

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