A new era in fire protection begins - free from PFAS

The fire protection industry is heralding a major turning point. In view of growing environmental awareness and increased regulatory measures to protect our health and the environment, fire extinguishers without PFAS are becoming increasingly important. PFAS, short for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances, have long been used in extinguishing agents due to their repellent properties against water, grease and dirt. However, this property also has disadvantages, in particular its persistence in the environment and possible health risks.

The problem of PFAS

Known as "forever chemicals", PFAS are characterised by their lack of biodegradability. Their presence in the environment can cause a variety of health problems, including cancer risks, endocrine disruption and weakening of the immune system. According to statistical surveys, these chemicals are found alarmingly often in our environment and even in our bodies. A study by the German Federal Environment Agency revealed the presence of PFAS in 99% of the water samples analysed.

The answer: fire extinguishers without PFAS

The development of PFAS-free fire extinguishers is a solution to this problem. These modern devices utilise environmentally friendly substances that effectively fight fires without using harmful PFAS. The advantages are obvious:

  • Environmental compatibility: No harmful residues in the environment.
  • Health protection: Reduced risk of adverse health effects.
  • Efficiency: Equivalent fire-fighting performance compared to conventional extinguishing agents.

Future bans and regulations - An imminent reality

The discussion about stricter regulations for PFAS-containing products in the European Union and in individual countries, including Germany, is not new and has been going on for some time. It is now clear that a ban on PFAS in extinguishing agents is no longer just a possibility, but a matter of the near future. This development shows the urgency with which environmental and health concerns are being addressed. 

Your partner in this transition phase

As experts in the fire protection sector, we understand that such changes raise questions. We are at your disposal with our expertise to provide you with information on the upcoming bans, the switch to PFAS-free fire extinguishers and other fire protection issues. Our team will support you in finding the right solutions for your individual needs and guarantee that your fire protection is both effective and environmentally conscious.

The switch to PFAS-free fire extinguishers is a decisive step for environmental protection and public health. It is a development that not only benefits the environment, but also raises safety standards in homes, businesses and public institutions. With the right information and support, we can make this transition seamless and efficient.


We will be happy to advise you and ensure that you are optimally prepared for the upcoming changes in fire protection.